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   Anna Silivonchik is well-known for her stark individuality among young Belarusan 
painters.She is an artist who works in her own unique artistic style, creating a 
separate, special world filled with her own system of images, meanings, and her own
universe of the sacred.
   In searching for subjects and solutions for her works, the artist reaches back to 
archetypal layers of her culture while maintaining visible ties to the 20th century art. 
   Thus, one can find the aesthetic sources of her inspiration in the whimsical realism 
of Mark Chagall, the naïve art of the primitivists of the early 20th century, and of 
course in local, national ornamental art and folklore. 
   Many various characters - children, lovers, animal-people, bird-people, angels, lions 
and mythological beings - unicorns, sirens, dragons - populate the visionary world of 
Anna. It is a world of folktales from various nations. It is the coming-to-life of 
childhood fantasies and dreams. It is a reflection of simple and eternal human 
feelings - love, happiness, joy, birth; the never-changing laws of nature - the day into 
night, the seasons, life and death. It is a reflection on the difficulties of human 
relationships, home, the family, the search for the meaning of life, and a 
conceptualization of the principles of the world's creation. 
   Most importantly for the artist, it is the entirety of the world, an unbroken, deep 
tie to all of the elements. The unique and multi-faceted combination of images and 
thoughts, that Anna creates in every painting (almost always with a slight dash of humor), 
creates a strong emotional charge through astounding metaphors that give birth to many 
unexpected associations. 
   Working in the traditional techniques of oil painting, Anna strives for variety, 
experimenting with many production materials, including textured and patterned canvasses 
that are produced specially for each work and create a uniquely expressive, living 
language dominated by the bright voices of the paints. Her very delicate feel for color, 
forethought of line, and intimate details help express a distinct mood. 
   One of the artist's unique attributes is her skill at improvisation. A thought or an 
idea opens itself, and becomes embodied in this or that image, starting to come to life 
directly on the canvas, giving birth to new images, which may not have space on one 
limited canvas, thus creating a series of painting with each work as an independent, 
complete creation, and also part of a larger bold, unending world, where everything is 
possible. Here, the most unattainable dreams become reality, and simple, every-day items 
become symbolic thoughts. 
   This is the endless story of human relationships with the world, of the harmony and 
joy of life in all its forms.   

email: tel: +375(29)5021408

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